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Michael Hunt – Managing Director, Thermotec

Thermotec Australia Pty Ltd

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Michael Hunt – Managing Director, Thermotec

Michael has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and distribution companies at a local and International level.

Previous executive and board experience includes:
* Deputy Chairman, Macquarie Community College
* Managing Director, Grief Packaging International - Asia Pacific & China
* President & Secretary Blow Moulders Institute
* President & Secretary Drum & Can Makers Institute

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge at a senior executive level in manufacturing across all types of materials and processes (plastic, steel, foam, pulp and paper) and first hand exposure in implementation and the effective execution of recycling systems. In his senior Executive Director and Board roles Michael has brought expertise on strategy, business development and effective implementation through to delivery of results for all stakeholders.

Michael has extensive experience in jointly setting the strategy, innovation, process development, distribution and collection, training and implementation for various products to achieve their “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” programs. These include DrumMuster, a long-running product stewardship scheme, the roll out of the Australian Packaging Covenant and Planet Ark recycling scheme in the early 1990’s, through to early 2003, a national “closed loop” cost benefit, recycling system for 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC’s for all the major oil and chemical companies in Australia and New Zealand. Also, a “Cradle to Grave” business model for the manufacture, recycle and reuse system for 15 litre Polycarbonate water bottles.

Michael looks forward to the Soft Landing Mattress Product Stewardship Scheme establishing a sustainable mattress recycling system that acts as a vehicle to offer employment opportunities throughout the community, and that grows to be seen as World’s Best Practice.

Michael is based in Sydney, NSW.

Soft Landing is a social enterprise of Resource Recovery Australia