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Vernon Fair – Manufacturing Services Manager, Sealy of Australia

Sealy of Australia

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Vernon Fair – Manufacturing Services Manager, Sealy of Australia

Vernon has 38 years of global bedding Industry experience including:
* Executive – Cape Furniture Manufacturers Association * Council Member of the Bargaining Council of the Furniture Manufacturing Industry of the Western Cape
* Elected Trustee Afcol Provident Fund (Steinhoff)
* CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, Edblo Africa (subsidiary of Steinhoff International Holdings).

Vernon brings a modern, dynamic and people-oriented approach to leadership and management. Vernon has joined the Executive Committee to help drive a Product Stewardships Scheme that supports the bedding industry to take responsibility and accountability for its own growth and development, while fulfilling the agendas of all parties - manufacturers, retailers, consumers and downstream suppliers - in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner. His aim is for the Scheme to set an example for government, consumers and industry by how Scheme participants conduct and present themselves professionally.

Vernon is based in Brisbane, QLD.

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