Prices July 2022

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Price increase from 1 July 2021 2

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our revenue goes entirely to delivering our work.  

We have a business model that targets job creation. This means we choose methods that provide employment opportunities above the mechanical shredding of end-of-life mattresses.  

While we have higher wage and training costs than other recycling businesses, we provide a greater benefit to communities through the jobs we create. About 65% of our revenue goes to the wages of people experiencing barriers to employment.  

We choose recycling methods with the least environmental footprint, avoiding those that cut costs at the expense of the environment. We support local industry, keep our by-products in Australia and maximise re-use of materials.  

As of 1 July, 2022 our prices for mattress collection and recycling have increased, reflecting an increased cost of mattress recycling and direct costs related to labour and equipment.  

Our prices ensure that we can cover our costs, increase service levels for our customers, target the recycling of more than 75% of mattress materials and provide a safe working environment for our staff.  

We are proud to work with values-aligned customers who strive for better social and environmental outcomes. 

With your support we can achieve even greater waste diversion rates and create more jobs, supporting our local communities.  

For every 35 mattresses that we collect and recycle each day, we create a job for someone who really needs one.