Caring for people and planet

We create stable and meaningful jobs for people experiencing barriers to employment.
We keep end-of-life mattresses and ensemble bases out of landfill and recover components to recycle.
We are a not-for-profit; our revenue goes entirely to delivering our work.
We are a social enterprise, certified by Social Traders.
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Our environmental impact

We have a recycling target of up to 75%. We avoid methods that reduce cost at the expense of the environment.

Creating jobs and training for local people

For every 23 mattresses that we collect and recycle each day, we create a job for someone who needs one.

What can an old mattress become?

Your old mattress and base can be made into metal roofing, carpet underlay and mulch instead of taking up landfill space.

Creating jobs

We provided employment opportunities for 289 people last year, 76% of them experiencing barriers to employment. Our people come from all walks of life and cultures. Most have experienced systemic disadvantage and discrimination, and they come to us seeking opportunity.
Our workforce is intelligent, hardworking, authentic and includes Aboriginal people, refugees and asylum seekers and long-term unemployed.
We are a better workforce for having the door open to a breadth of life experiences. 94

65% revenue to wages

Most of our revenue, about 65%, goes to wages of people who experience barriers to employment. These are dollars spent in local communities.

The benefits of stable employment

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The impact we make in just one year









Figures taken from last financial year 2021-22

Supporting local communities

We don’t take our work out of area, we employ local people, and we use local suppliers wherever possible.
We send foam to carpet-underlay manufacturers, steel to Australian scrap steel merchants, timber bed bases to local industry (where there is a market) for mulch.

Protecting our environment

We keep waste out of landfill and put steel, foam and timber to use.
We choose methods with less environmental footprint and avoid methods that are big users of power and that create harmful by-products like micro-plastics. We have sites in many communities to avoid transporting waste long distances

Customer Feedback

“We just had our old mattress picked up today, and it couldn’t have been simpler. Booked online and left the mattress out the night before. Very easy and an amazing service.”



“Absolutely fantastic service! I have told everyone – I was so pleased! I even went into Freedom and told them to tell their customers where they can get rid of their mattresses when buying a new bed. Thank you”



“ The young man collecting the items was extremely polite and friendly and their rates were the best I could find…  I would not hesitate to recommend – excellent service.”


Julie Shannon, Admin Manager

“Helping people – that’s what I love about this place, I get great satisfaction seeing the impact that having a job has on all aspects of a person’s life.”


Community Resources


Soft Landing is part of Community Resources, a national not-for-profit that runs some of the largest social enterprises in Australia and delivers a range of community services, employing 650 people last year, 79% of them experiencing barriers to employment.

Support local jobs by booking your mattress for recycling

Soft Landing mattress collection and recycling